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12 Tips to Cut Your Heating Bill This Fall

Blog by Joe Campbell | August 25th, 2015

Sadly, summer is coming to an end and the cooler weather is fast approaching. While we are definitely NOT trying to rush it, it is the perfect time to get a jumpstart on fall and maximize your savings by warming up your house - starting now!


1/ Take Advantage of Free Solar Heating

Open curtains during the day to allow the sun to warm your home; close curtains at night to trap in the heat.

2/ Change Your Filter Regularly

A dirty filter makes your furnace work harder, and leads to super scary numbers on your heating bill. Aim to swap yours out once every 3 months.

3/ Get a Tune-Up

Keep your furnace or heat pump running at peak performance by having it tuned up by a professional once a year. It's a small expense that could lead to big savings.

4/ Turn Down the Thermostat

A couple degrees cooler when you're away or asleep can make a big difference on your heating bill (without any sacrifice from you).

Tip: Get a programmable thermostat, and let it make the adjustments for you.

How to Install a Programmable Thermostat

5/ Decorate for Warmth

Put flannel sheets on your bed, rugs on your floors, insulated curtains in your windows and warm blankets on your sofa. When it's cold outside, nothing says money in the bank like a house that's blinged out in warm accessories.

6/ Insulate. Then Insulate Some More

Beef up your existing insulation as needed.

7/ Give Vents the All Clear

Move all furniture and belongings away from your heating vents, so they can deliver all that heat that you're paying for.

8/ Get Those Ceiling Fans Going

Hot air rises - hense the hot air balloon . So you can run your ceiling fan in reverse to bring it back down to floor level.

9/ Minimize the Use of Kitchen and Bathroom Fans

They suck out undesirable smells, but they also suck out a lot of hot air.

10/ Don't Let the Fireplace Put a Damper on Your Savings Efforts

Keep the damper closed when your fireplace isn't in use to prevent all that warm air from making a quick exit.

11/ Dress for Cold Weather

This is an easy one - slap a pair of slippers on your feet, and add a sweater to complete your "stay warm" ensemble.

12/ Get a Home Energy Audit

You won't find many doctors that make house calls these days, but you'll still find plenty of energy auditors that do. Schedule an energy audit for your home See BC Hydro (https://www.bchydro.com/powersmart/residential/building-and-renovating/get-a-home-energy-audit.html) and find out where you could improve the efficiency of your home.

It isn't Winter yet though, so get out there and enjoy some sunshine before the rains hit.