Grants and Rebates For Home Buyers and Owners

There are grants and rebates available through various programs offered to Home Buyers and Home Owners to make the dream of home ownership just a little bit easier.  Check out the latest offerings for those that qualify.  Click for more details.

50 Ways to Green Your Home

Green your home to save $$$ in Greater Vancouver. Here's how!

Oil Tank Information

Out of sight out of mind not a good thing when it comes to oil tanks.  Read More

Is Condo Life For You?

Before you jump into condo ownership, you'll want to consider the pros and cons of such a lifestyle. Click here to see "If Condo Life's For You?

Whether or Not to Remodel

Spring is one of the most popular times of year for both remodeling and moving. For homeowners who cannot decide which of these options they should choose, the Financial Planning Association suggests a number of different factors that should be considered. Check it out!

Value of a Home Inspection

A home inspection will reduce the risk of having to deal with unexpected defects in a home. You can find out more about home inspections, what they cost and encompass by Clicking Here