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Welcome to the Market Info section. No matter whether you are buyers or sellers, you will be able to find lots of helpful information, reports, tips and articles here.

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Selling Your Property - Let's Make The Most Of It!

"Integrity in the selling process starts with having even the smallest details covered"

Being able to provide prospective buyers with the nuts and bolts can help build their interest and increase their buying comfort level. Some of this information requires research or discussion so it is good to get a head start. Complete what you can and submit the form, we can go over it later. Let me know if any questions.
Please specify the best number first and note whose number it is.
IMPORTANT - Just ONE email address in this box please
Here is where you can provide additional emails for others party to the sale, etc.
Just as they say you only get one chance to to make a first impression, you only get one chance to be a "New Listing" so let me show you how to make the most of it! The open house (if appropriate in a pre-determined marketing plan) can be a useful tool in creating interest, generating action and minimizing disruptions for you.
Privacy? Inconvenience? Timing for completion? Marketing? The sale process or move itself? Whatever your worries are, let me know so we can address them in advance.
For showings we'll need to know your code for access, or you can ask your security company to register an additional one if your system allows it.
Whether it is hardwood, laminate, tile or carpet knowing the type or style of flooring can be helpful. Use the "other" field to indicate brands or model type, etc.
Is there anything attached or fixed that you would NOT want to be included in a sale? For example a fixed mirror, shelving unit, attached flat screen or that special chandelier. Is there anything you'd consider leaving or want to leave that is separate from the property - flower pots, BBQ, etc., if the price is right and the buyer is interested? Note those items (inclusions and exclusions) here for reference and we can discuss options, etc.
Features that appeal to a homeowner, often appeal to the next purchaser of that home. So what sold you on your home may help sell it too!
Preparing responses for objections is important to handling them well. And remember, a negative factor for you may be a positive feature for the right prospective buyer.
Share with me the top 5 things that you think should be pointed out about your home and/or neighbourhood in an ad or promo spot.
Can you provide the name and contact info for your household insurance company? The buyer will need insurance too and having the information can help smooth the process.
Last time serviced if info is available
Approximate in years if you know it
An estimate is fine - please indicate as such. If you had a warranty maybe dig it out for reference, it is good information to have available.
Providers can easily tell you if you call. BC Hydro 604 224 9376 or 1 800 224 9376. Fortis is 1-866-436-7847 and for Natural Gas customer service 1.888.224.2710
New roof, windows, furnace, flooring, etc. Additions and other structural changes should be noted too. If permits were obtained please note that as well.
Knowing the type of families in the area, children, no children, young professionals, snowbirds, etc. helps in promoting your home when the opportunity arises or managing objections should they occur.
Use 'other' to indicate brand, type and approximate age. Now is a good time to dig out those manuals and warranty papers and set them aside. Also be sure to clean and polish up your appliances in preparation for listing. It does make a difference with buyers!
If you don't, consider having your property scanned in advance as most buyers today will insist on confirmation regarding underground storage tanks. I do have a list of companies that will scan the property and/or remove the tank, just ask me.
A survey certificate is a diagram indicating the position of the structure in relation to the lot. It's often required for mortgage purposes so if you have one, it can be helpful for prospective buyers.
Any concerns or procedure I should be made aware of when showing your home? Pets, lights, alarm, etc.
Completion (the day money & title exchange) is usually a day or two in advance of Possession (the day/time the buyer gets to move in).


Skip this section and see more below for Non-Strata Property
If self managed, we'll need contact info for ordering strata documents. It is also helpful to have a name and email or # for someone on council willing to answer questions on the building or complex.
This is a question that your strata might be able to answer for you if you don't know yourself.
This includes things like pipes, roof, elevator, interior updates, etc.
This question a buyer or buyer's agent will ask, so it is helpful if we can be prepared in advance.
Use 'other' to indicate your stall(s) and storage locker number(s) if you have them and if you know whether they are common property, limited common property or long term lease. These can be verified with the Strata Corporation via the Form B if you are not sure.
The allowance for rentals and pets can be an important factor for prospective buyers both positively and negatively, so it is important to know in advance of selling.
This information is important to know for adding value (or perceived value) to any prospective buyers.
These documents will be required by a buyer and so it is important to have them as soon as possible. We can order them if you don't already have them. Some strata corporations have info web sites where you can download these documents - check with your property manager for access.
These two factors can help determine affordability for potential buyers.


If your property is an investment home or you have a suite, continue here. If not skip this section and see more below.
Full Name
Please provide the monthly rental rate and due date.
Please provide a copy of any agreements that you have with regard to the rental. Or any other property use agreements that you may have.
Indicate here the amount of any deposits taken and what they were for - pet deposit, etc.
Should the buyer take over the tenancy, a lawyer will make an interest calculation on the deposit in the statements of adjustment.
If the tenant pays a percentage of the utility, please indicate so and the approximate amounts in "other"
Likely we will know what amenities are close to your home, however it is always good to get the input on the area. If you want to list the places or services available nearby to the property, feel free. Things like recreation centers, churches, parks, etc.
Again, we will likely know the schools and catchments for your property, however please share your input if you have any.
If you are able to list improvements or upgrades made to the property not already mentioned, please do. The date of the project/change is helpful as well as any details available.
Please feel free to share any questions, thoughts or additional information you may have about your home or the preparations to sell.

I look forward to working with you!

Having represented over 1000+ buyers and sellers over my extensive career. I know the things that help you sell and how to make the process as enjoyable and financially rewarding for you as possible. I like to consider myself very easy to work with and hope to give you the insight you need to move with confidence. I will share a lot of additional strategies with you when we meet. The information provided to this point, it will go a long way towards me giving you better advice and doing the best job of representing your property. It's your move, let's make the most of it!